White or Brown?

Which color of shell do you prefer?

And why?


Chicken's earlobes show the shell color.

Most people prefer brown egg because it looks more organic and natural. However, no matter what’s the egg color, the nutrition is all the same.


Colors of us

There are various colors of eggshell which are not related to the quality of the egg.

Just like the skin of us, we came from different places and this doesn’t mean who we are.

Zhengkai Hu_Immigration Final Presentati

Yolk matters

What really matters is yolk color which indicates how the chicken is fed. The redder the yolk is, the more complex and balanced the diet is. Sometimes the color also implies how fresh the egg is. And orange yolk tastes better.



The idea of this egg box is based on narrowing the gap between different races, raising the statement that never judges an egg by its shell.


The box is made by hay, coating a set of eggs with different colors.

egg v2.33.jpg

MATTER egg box

The color and material are designed to reveal the inner of eggs that people really care about. "MATTER" is a strong statement that the "yolk" color really matters and the colors of shell or our skins are not important